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Everyone gets angry. Anger is a natural human emotion, but sometimes it will get the best of us.  We’ve seen it so many times on the news, television or in the movies, and even in public - when anger is not managed effectively, it can lead to poor choices that hurt other people,  families, communities, and sometimes result in more serious consequences.  The purpose of WIN Family Services, Inc.’s Anger Management Strengths program in Atlanta, Georgia is to help individuals, family members, parolees, and domestic offenders:

•    Learn how to recognize and manage anger  in a healthy way;
•    Eliminate the threat or occurrence of violence;
•    Take on an the appropriate mindset and learn problem-solving strategies that encourage individual control of thoughts and actions
•    Receive peer-to-peer support, encouragement, and accessible community resources.

Please note: These services are currently only offered in Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information, please call (410)578-8003 for the Baltimore Headquarters or Howard Dorsey, Family Strengthening Specialist (678) 900-9412