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Anger is a natural human emotion, however when not managed effectively, it can lead to poor individual choices that impact families, communities, and sometimes result in criminal consequences. WIN Family Services offers a holistic approach to anger management training.

Currently in our Atlanta location, we offer a 12-Week Curriculum for Anger Management:

1. What is Anger?
2. Events and Cues
3. Anger Control Plan
4. The Aggression Cycle
5. Cognitive Restructuring
6. Anger Management Strategies
7. Conflict Resolution
8. Anger & the Family
9. Building Self-Esteem
10. Improving Self-Worth
11. Problem-Solving Techniques
12. Closing Reflections & Ceremony

The purpose of WIN Family Services' Anger Management Program is to help individuals, family members, and parolees:

*  Learn how to recognize and manage anger effectively and in a healthy manner;

* Help to eliminate the threat or occurrence of violence;

* Develop skills that support self awareness and problem-solving strategies that encourage individual control of thoughts and actions;

* Receive peer-to-peer support, encouragement, and accessible community resources.

   Interested participants and court officers should contact WIN's Georgia office. Howard Dorsey, Family Strengthening Specialist (678) 900-9412