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direct service workerWIN (What I Need) Team is a community mental health service provider that tailors specialized therapeutic treatment services to emotionally and behaviorally challenged youth, adults, and families.  Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program provides community-based services that improve the quality of life for individuals with mental health challenges and social impairments.  Our strengths-based counseling  services are designed to produce healing and restoration in communities.

We are looking for energetic individuals to provide counseling and therapeutic mentoring! If you are interested in helping others--look no further than WIN! We offer an excellent opportunity for indivudals looking to make a difference AND their own small business! Consider submitting your resume and learn more about this unique opportunity!

Compensation:Up to $30 and hour. This is a contractual position.  Direct Service Workers agree to a monthly rate per assigned client with additional incentives for attending staff meetings and exhibiting highly skilled services.

Full time contractors have the opportunity to earn significantly higher rates.

Position requirements: 
At least a high school diploma or equivalent.  Bachelor's or higher preferred.
One year experience working with emotionally and behaviorally challenged youth or adults in a mental health setting.
Experience working with Microsoft Office programs on the computer
Pass a criminal background, child protective service, physical, and drug screening.
Have a reliable and insured vehicle, a great deal of flexibility, and the willingness to travel locally.
Commit to a minimum of 4 hours of direct service, per client, per month.

*Bi-lingual preferred

Due to the fact that all of our clients are therapeutic at some level, the position requires staff to have a full range of communication and motion skills to include excellent listening, speaking, written, driving and motor skills.


Primary responsibilities: 
Facilitate psychiatric rehabilitation, behavioral support services, and crisis intervention for assigned clients, according to Individualized Rehabilitation Plan, by:
Teaching & Instruction
Encouragement of Positive Change
Skill Demonstrations and Practice
Promote Individual Wellness, Self-Management, and Recovery.
Assist in the restoration and/or improvement of Self-Care and Social Skill.
Facilitate effective strategies for strengthened Independent Living and the achievement of self-sufficiency goals.
Expose individuals to academic, vocational, and employment training and resources.
Facilitate culturally relevant activities directed toward improved social relationships.
Encourage Health Promotion, Proper Nutrition, and Exercise.

How To Apply:  Please send a cover letter and resume to Laura Mueller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  All candidates must be compassionate and receptive of the organization’s spiritual and faith-based interventions, activities, and environments.  Candidates will be notified, by e-mail, about the next scheduled Orientation training. Following completion of training and submission of required documentation, candidates are invited to become independent contractors and begin servicing clients.