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Q: Do you have to be a Maryand resident to be a foster parent with WIN Family Services?

A: Yes. WIN Family Services is currently only licensed for all of Maryland.

Q: Who are the Children in Treatment Foster Care?

A: Children in foster care are children from your neighborhood. They are children who want to remain attached to their families despite their experiences. They are children whose families need the help of your family.

Children who need treatment  foster care are  grade school age or teenagers. They come from many types of backgrounds and families. Some have been exposed to abuse, neglect, domestic violence, or substance abuse. Many are insecure, frightened, confused, and often angry about what is happening to them. Based on their specific life experiences, these children often  present challenging behaviors.
Q: What is the normal length of stay?

A: The amount of time a child will stay in your home depends on the particular child and the biological family’s situation. Every effort is made to reunite parents with children; sometimes a child may live with you for a few days, several months or even a few years. Many foster parents grow close to their foster children and it can be difficult when they leave. Foster parents can adopt their foster children sometimes.

Q: Can a foster child share a bedroom with my child?

A: No. They must have a separate bedroom of their own, and the foster child must have storage for his/her personal belongings. Also, adults cannot move out of their bedroom to sleep on a couch or elsewhere to make room for a foster child.

Q: Does a foster parent choose a child to be placed in their home?

A: Yes, a foster parent has the ability to accept or reject a possible placement when the WIN staff  contacts them. However we never have:  children waiting to be placed;  a waitlist of children to “choose from”; notice of when we will be getting children; or events that provide foster parents the option to “view” or “pick” children

Q: What will make me ineligible to become a foster parent?

A: I CAN'T become a foster parent if…

•    I am under 25 years of old
•    I have been convicted of a felony or charged with physical assault, battery, or a drug related offense in the last 5 years
•    I have someone living in my home that has been convicted of a felony or charged with assault,    battery, or a drug related offense in the last 5 years
•    I have or a member of my household has a positive drug test
•    I operate a day care or assisted living business inside my home
•    I or my spouse currently is in arrears with child support payments
•    I work or someone in my home works for a local child welfare services department, the Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of Education, Interagency Rates, Governor’s Office of Children, Youth, and Families, and SSA or DHR
•    I plan to have my foster child sleep in a bedroom that is on a different floor than my own
•    I cannot ensure my foster child’s safe transportation to and from school, appointments, and social engagements
•    I am unable to cope with stress and change in a healthy way