WIN’s continuum of family services has provided community based treatment services to children and families since 1992.  WIN began its service to the community by providing family preservation services to youth and families.  The program’s unrelenting commitment and intensive 24-hour availability and support to families have produced positive treatment outcomes with children and families that struggled to stabilize in the community.  As a result of our intensive high quality services, WIN established a solid reputation with local social service departments and human service providers as a dependable, available, and creative program that relentlessly focused on the strengths of youth and families.

In 1996, Maryland’s Department of Human Resources licensed WIN as a child placement agency authorized to provide treatment foster care services to youth.  Our Treatment Foster Care Program provides family-centered residential placement for youth with intense mental, emotional, and developmental challenges.  These include a wide range of clinical diagnoses, juvenile delinquency issues, and chronic runaways. WIN is committed to working with youth that are at risk of institutionalization, incarceration, homelessness; who have a history of drug distribution or abuse, serious emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric condition; and youth who exhibit physical/sexual acting-out behaviors, learning disabilities, and/or are developmentally delayed.