Happy Holidays family! The weather is crisp and the days are shorter, but WIN Family Services, Inc. is as hard at work as ever! This has truly been an busy but exciting time for our organization and we can't wait to share some great news with you! From holiday events and new programs, we have a fun-filled season in store for you!

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Great Nonprofits photo resizedWIN is Top-Rated!

WIN Family Services has recently been named a 2014 Top Rated non-profit by GreatNonprofits.org! Organizations with this distinguished award are known for the amazing work being done in each community and beyond! This honor and is all thanks to the awesome reviews we received from various members of the community. We are truly touched and humbled, yet proud of the work we have done in the community. We promise to continue to uphold the excellence we have been commended for! Thank you for everyone’s support and trust in us!




Through the Hills horseback riding program 5

WIN Team in Cecil County is opening up their children to wonderful experiencesl. Their latest endeavor? Horseback riding! What better way to expand a child’s worldview than to place them up close and personal with one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet – horses! Children enrolled in Cecil County’s program are getting the chance to experience these magnificent animals as part of their therapy. The Freedom Hills Horseback Riding Program is a fun and safe way to get your kids outdoors. Are you looking for a new activity for your kids? Consider horseback riding at Freedom Hills, every Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm-6pm.

For more information visit http://www.freedomhills.org/


never give up photoNever Give Up!


“Changing lives…Strengthening Families.” That is what WIN is all about. So, when one of our Direct Services Workers took time to write us about how one of her clients was doing, we were elated to hear of the progress and the strides taken to improve the life of one individual. It’s accounts like this that keep us going in times of difficulty. We extend a special thank you to Ms. Smith for never giving up. See below for a special message from one of our Direct Service Workers:

“Good evening Family!

I'm just giving an update on a client that I spoke about in our last contract review meeting. I was extremely concerned and upset about her being alone in her situation, with a house full of family. It disturbed me that out of a husband, five adult children and a host of other family and friends, no one was ever there to support her in her few times of need, especially now, when she was facing something that could have destroyed her entire life, as she knew it. Out of everyone, she felt that I was the only person who cared and stood by her because of our monthly visits and our many texts that we exchange weekly. It pained me that she had to go through so much on her own when she was always there for everyone else, giving so much of herself that she rarely had enough left over for herself.

Well, my update is that prayer works! My client had court yesterday. Out of everyone, only her mother, lawyer and I showed up to support her. After a lot of hugging and praying, her case was called. I did not expect to have to speak to the Judge, but when asked, I took a deep breath and spoke the truth. The Judge was shock and elated that the system actually worked for someone. The court appointed my client therapy, and through the therapist, WIN came into play. The judge was so impressed by my client's progress and her assurance that she would stick with our program that she was released without probation. It was clear that my client made mistakes, not because she was a bad person, but like many of our clients, she was crying out for help within a situation that was extremely overwhelming, as well as, scary. Today, another representative and I attended a memorial service of our clients' mother. We were there to support our clients, as well as, their family and friends not because we had to but because since the moment we found out that their mother made that transition, our hearts would not allow us to stay away. With this “job”, come many rewards and challenges. We sign on to share in the good times, as well as, the sad and heart wrenching times.

We all fall short, but how many of us has a love one to catch us? How many of us know that others will not allow us to stay down for long? Or, how many of us are truly alone and only have the pure kindness of others, which are placed in your life for one reason or another, to lift you up? We, as DSWs, have power that we should not ever take for granted. Our actions, no matter the reason or how small the amount of time spent, we are a prayer answered to many.”

-          D.Smith




 WIN is Recognized for Its High Level of Care

WIN Family Services’ DYRS program has been recommended for its high level of care and attention for each child enrolled. Ms. Laing, Program Manager for DYRS, took time thank our staff members for the assistance they provided to one particular youth in need, no matter what time or day. “This speaks volumes of your commitment and dedication to this population,” she says.

As an organization, we work hard to provide each and every child with the time and attention they deserve. We are truly dedicated to the well-being of our clients and are glad others are willing to take on the same mission. WIN Family Services will continue to produce great results and assist in building new lives and futures for our foster youth.


Steve Smith croppedThank You Steve Smith!

There are truly amazing people in this world and Steve Smith, Sr. of the Baltimore Ravens and the entire Steve Smith Foundation family is testaments to that. As we have been preparing for our Holiday Extravaganza for the youth and families we serve, we called upon the help of our community to make this vision a reality. It was such an unexpected but HUGE blessing to have received a very generous donation from the Steve Smith Family Foundation. Our heads are still reeling from the generosity!

The Steve Smith Family Foundation aims to provide hope and inspiration to youth and adults in need. Mr. Smith, that is exactly what you have done with your donation to our organization. Thank you for taking the time to instill a sense of pride, self-worth, and happiness in those we work with. You have truly helped us change lives. THANK YOU STEVE SMITH FAMILY FOUNDATION! 


WIN is doing #GivingTuesday

It’s that time of year again! The days are getting shorter and the weather’s getting colder. We must be approaching the holidays and WIN Family Services is once again taking part in GivingTuesday, What’s GivingTuesday, you ask? GivingTuesday falls on the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday – two days focused on buying and getting. Why not dedicate a day focused on giving and helping? Our GivingTuesday campaigns asks of one simple thing. This year, we are working to provide our foster kids and families with a memorable holiday experience – complete with a warm meal, lively entertainment, and thoughtful presents. But we can’t do this alone! We are asking for the help of our supporters and members of the community.

 Kindly visit our GivingTuesday Razoo page at http://givingtuesday.razoo.com/story/Winholidaycelebration. Every penny received will go toward a new gift for each child in our program. Give the gift that keeps on giving…show a child they are loved this holiday!


Parent Reminders

New Foster Parent Orientation will take place January 2015

Parent Support Meetings will resume January 2015