WIN Family Services established the first Center for Strengthening Urban Families (CSUF) in 2010 at Morgan State University’s School of Social Work (MSU SSW) as a community resource hub for urban families residing in and near Baltimore, MD.  CSUF assembles academic expertise, practitioner experience, and family realities in an effort to examine and promote effective strategies that holistically strengthens urban families. 

PURPOSE:  The center is a research, training, and service organization dedicated to improving the functioning of complex families.

CORE VALUES:  Our work is guided by the most basic human/family values –family is the primary unit in the development of the individual and society; its primary focus is to nurture, socialize, and protect its members.

MISSION:  The Center for Strengthening Urban Families offers services and resources to assist helping professionals in understanding, providing, creating, leading, facilitating, teaching, advocating, delivering, and evaluating Family Strengthening.

CSUF’s community engagement goals are achieved through its three-tiered service approach:

Conduct & Publish Research – CSUF serves as an avenue whereby graduate students, researchers, and practitioners may work together to conduct and publish credible research on effective family strengthening practices, programs, and services.  The Center’s research efforts primarily evaluate the systematic processes and procedures used when executing specific parameters, methods, and skills that yield positive outcomes for youth and families.

Advocacy & Education – CSUF advocates for public policies that enhance the lives and well-being of urban families.  Through discussion forums, scholarly publications, community surveys, and a number of other assessments, CSUF gathers and documents the expressed needs and concerns of urban families.  The Center works with community leaders, policy makers, legislators, and influential local and state leaders to address the needs and concerns voiced by urban families.  CSUF also hosts trainings, seminars, and conferences that increase awareness of public policy changes that directly affect urban families.  

Community Collaboration – CSUF encourages human service providers to work collaboratively, efficiently, and effectively on behalf of urban families.  Community-based programs that serve youth and adults are encouraged to adopt a Family Strengthening philosophy of care.  By doing so, organizations partner and support one another with embracing a comprehensive approach to improving the social, educational, economic, and wellness outcomes of urban families.  Practitioners and community leaders, consequently, embrace a practice framework whereby inter-relational skills and family-centered services will be employed that supports the values and goals of urban families.

CSUF is committed to fostering culturally sensitive, strengths-oriented, solution-focused, and skill-based research, practices, and services that enhance the infrastructure of urban families.