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The Practice of Family Strengthening is steadily becoming recognized throughout the nation due to its accessibility, comprehensiveness, and adaptability. Everyone is able to relate the principles set forth in the model and so many are interested in studying and learning more about the practice’s nuances.

Currently, WIN Family Services Inc. is a national partner with the Minuchin Center for Families, and collaborates with numerous organizations, including the National Human Service Assembly and the Annie E. Casey Foundation to further promote the practice of Family Strengthening. WIN is in the process of working with Lincoln University to publish a journal that focuses on the model and its practices.  Additionally, WIN is developing Centers for Strengthening Families at numerous universities to further expand outreach to local communities and help spread the word about Family Strengthening. 

The model is already recognized for its specific, replicable, and clinically-based skills that support the efforts of youth and family practitioners and produce positive outcomes for youth, families, and communities. However, in a further effort to establish the Family Strengthening Practice as an evidence-based practice, Morgan University is also conducting a pilot study guided by the pillars of Family Strengthening. Guided by six distinct Logic Models that offer intense exploration, the purpose of the study is to establish that the model truly does improve family communication patterns, identification of strengths and inherent solutions, and family formation identity. Findings of the pilot study will be released in 2014.