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The Family Strengthening Practice is a holistic model that encourages a family systems approach to resolving the issues of healthy relationships.  It involves specific, skill sets to resolve issues through strengths, rather than pathology.  More importantly, the model empowers individuals and families to do the healing work themselves by skillfully identifying and articulating the strengths and love relationships present within their family unit.

The following competencies can be found at the model’s core:

(1) the Seven Rules of Family Strengthening and Kinship Love

(2)  the Parenting Skills Sequence

(3)  Communication/Intervention Skills

(4) the "My Baby Father (Complex Family Model" Charting

(5) Family Meetings


For a description of the core components, please read below…

(1) the Seven Rules of Family Strengthening and Kinship Love skills which orient families and family workers to focus on the family’s sufficiency, competency, and strengths through recognizing their intentions to communicate family love and well being, as self evident and essentially good

(2)  the Parenting Skills Sequence which assists families with establishing realistic expectations, showing understanding for each others issues, and solidifying rules, limits and consequences

(3)  Communication/Intervention Skills which are practical skill sets that facilitate the process of joining and reflecting the family's behavior and communication patterns. 

(4) the "My Baby Father (Complex Family Model" Charting engages individuals, families and practitioners with exploring the structure, communication, and inter-relational enactments in an autobiographical, interactive, narrative format. For example, we follow an odyssey of a pregnant adolescent girl as she journeys through the multifaceted and complex challenges within her family kinship network and her decision-making efforts to cope within her own family formation and functioning.  Family Strengthening principles are utilized to help the individual and family recognize and address their mental and behavior heath issues

(5) Family Meetings, which is an innovative form of the SFT Family interview that occurs primarily in the family’s home (but can occur within family therapy office sessions), provides a venue for skillfully shaping the structure, communication, and inter-relational interactions within the family. Truly all-encompassing, the key components of Family Strengthening work together to heal the body, mind, and soul.