Trainings offer culturally relevant communication and intervention skills that are meant to aid in establishing authentic interactions that produce sustainable, measurable, and actualized change.

Family Strengthening practice model trainings are available to:

·        Youth counselors


·        Caregivers

·        Helping professionals


Training includes:

·        Lectures

·        Interactive discussions

·        Scenario enactments

·        Skills practice

·        Demonstrations


Individuals will be able to gain the knowledge and experience they need to live the model in his or her every day life! Additionally, trainings are able to be customized upon an organization’s request.


Introduction to Family Strengthening Practice

From the very beginning of the training, individuals delve deep in to the rich history of the practice. Trainees will learn about the development, key players, and overall philosophical principles of the Family Strengthening Practice (FSP) Model. Practitioners of the model are introduced and taught to embrace the 7 Rules of Family Strengthening which are concrete methods of not finding fault or passing judgment on the decisions of others. For parents and care-givers, there’s something for you too! Family Strengthening training involves a sequence for shaping youth engagement and involvement.

Complex Family Scenario Training
The training is also home to the “Complex Family Model”. Trainees will journey through accounts and examples of a given family’s experience in expressing nurturance, love, and pain in sometimes distorted way; and then identify ways to join with the family, identify communication and family formation patterns, and discuss skillful ways to restructure the families’ communication and interaction. 

Communication and Intervention Skills Training
Are you looking for a way to learn new and skillful ways of communicating with one another? The skills presented in Family Strengthening Practice model is selfless and focused on positive outcomes, while illuminating interconnectedness.  Just think of the Communication and Intervention skills presented in the model as doctor ordered prescriptions for effective human communication.  Trainees learn the terms and definitions, and then practice clearly delineated Communications skills and reflective Interventions or “Mirrors.” 

Family (Decision) Meeting Training
The Family Strengthening training module now offers a method for engaging youth and their family members in effective communication. Sometimes, challenges within a family are too complex to be dealt within just the family unit. This is when helping professionals tap a source of motivation and support far beyond that available to an individual alone.  In this respect, the strengths and competence of individuals within the family (or group) and their ability to effectively communicate concerns, form a supportive, nurturing network for all family members. Trainees learn, observe, practice, and demonstrate their skill competency through scenario enactments of each of the five stages of the Family Meeting sequence.  This training brings together all the facets of Family Strengthening to help practitioners skillfully support the family to find inherent solutions and change; and learn how to effectively model these methods so the family is equipped to resolve their own issues in the future.


All Family Strengthening Trainings are uniquely interactive and engaging. Culturally relevant communication and intervention skills are imparted that aid helping professionals with establishing authentic interactions that produce sustainable, measurable, and actualized change.